10 Best Gas Weed Trimmers

They are an especially good choice for properties where you will be doing a lot of trimming under shrubs and bushes. Frugal consumers will find far more straight-shaft trimmers to choose among. For smaller yards and light-duty maintenance, there are several advantages to using an electric trimmer versus a gas trimmer. They also weigh less – a plus for extended use, better control when trimming around flower beds and such, or just when toting the tool from the storage shed or garage to your garden. They are also quieter than gas models and, of course, emission-free.

It may start, in which case you press the throttle lever and the choke dial automatically moves to the run position. If it doesn’t start on a couple of pulls, move the dial to the semi-choke position and pull again. With a larger cutting head and cutting swath, you’ll be able to finish trimming your yard faster than you would with a smaller one. The good news is that, unlike our other 4-stroke pick, this trimmer is compatible with many attachments, so you can convert it into other lawn care tools.

Black+decker Weed Whacker

Second, it is easier to use, and all such tools are fuel-efficient. But often, gas weed eaters are built to counteract some of these fatiguing factors by, for example, adding a more ergonomic handle type. These models usually rearrange their trigger layout to make it increasingly easy to manipulate the unit without trouble. Also, some modern gas weed eaters are constructed with portability in mind.

This is a versatile gas weed eater that can cut through a large area of your yard at once with its 17” cutting diameter. With the capability to attach separately sold items such as a pole saw, edger, and cultivator directly to the weed eater, this product can tackle more than just trimming and edging. A wider cutting width allows you to trim an area in less time. Most gas trimmers have a diameter greater than 15-inches, leading to a reasonably high output of time spent working.

Senix 26 5cc String Trimmer With Straight Shaft And Bump Head

My favorite is the tool by Poulan Pro, which has proven its efficiency with the 17-inch cutting width and a powerful 2-stroke engine. A lot of power tools workers and mechanics trust the Craftsman brand. Among them, the gas string trimmer is a highly powerful motor for the toughest lawn. Curved weed eaters are the ultimate solution in comfortable trimming around the yard or garden. The curved shaft keeps you and your hands in a more ergonomic position, maximizing comfort and control over the weed eater no matter how long you stay out.

An adjustable shaft is best to guarantee a perfect fit, especially if you have multiple users. Most of the models in our reviews had an adjustable shaft unless we otherwise noted it. Let’s look at a few of the most important things to consider when choosing a gas weed eater. This is another essential point since you’ll be operating the weed eater manually, and the results depend on the application. Look for features like adjustable handle and height settings, as they contribute to comfortable use.

Bent shaft trimmers tend to be shorter, lighter and less responsive than the straight shaft models. Bent shaft models are ideal for domestic use as they are easier to learn on, are lighter and take up less space. Four cycle engines provide good power and ease of use and maintenance but their responsiveness can be less than a two cycle engine. From a personal perspective I have always found the straight shaft models the most responsive and durable and this is also reflected in the amount used by other lawn contractors.

  • However, what seals the deal for us is the “tap and go” line release, streamlining weed removal from the get-go.
  • The size of the property you’ll be working on is one of the first considerations you should make because it helps you to figure out the weed eater’s ideal power rating.
  • If you have tough brush that your nylon string can’t handle, you can try nylon blades.
  • Moreover, there is no need to mix oil in with the fuel as you would with a two-cycle engine which makes maintaining the motor much simpler.
  • We were able to cut down a number of branches and small trees that had fallen over a brook and we couldn’t reach with a traditional chainsaw.
  • This is a great gas weed wacker specially designed to cut grass, weeds, and other obstacles in your garden with incredible ease.
  • The last crucial point to consider when buying a string trimmer is its weight.
  • In the past, starting gas weed eaters was often tricky — a common criticism.
  • It’s got more than enough power for normal grass, but knowing its prosumer features, we reserved a stand of dried milkweed stalks and some light briers to test its power.
  • You’ll power through yardwork with less fatigue using this model, allowing you to work faster and smarter.

For this kind of work, we recommend the Echo SRM-225 String Trimmer. The benefit is that they install quickly and easily (though with recent advances like Ego’s automatic system, the advantages of the pre-loaded line aren’t as significant as in the past). You also can’t simply invest $15 in what’s basically a lifetime supply of trimmer string. Also, if you’re in a pinch and need some immediately, there may be availability issues. Worx sells them, and there appear to be a number of other brands selling compatible spools (we haven’t tested these and can’t vouch for them). It is cushioned with a foam padding, and even though it’s very comfortable , we do worry it could tear easily if snagged on a hook, a nailhead, or maybe even a rose thorn.

Weedeater tool, which operates on electricity or gas, requires special attention while using it. When the machine is switched on, there are plastic wires inside it, which will spin at high speed. Any mishandling can lead to accidents, and hence there are safety precautions that you need to keep in mind. After starting the trimmer, you can lock it by using the trigger lock. Trigger lock will make the process of turning the machine off or quick and easy. A gas-powered weed eater is available in four-stroke and two strokes.

Nowadays, they strive to reduce the number of used resources and make them more efficient. This string trimmer is designed to give you better visibility of the cutting area and easier starting. Because the Ryobi is “attachment-ready,” you can remove the trimmer head and replace it with a number of other tools, such as a brush cutter, a pole saw, or even a cultivator. We tested many of these attachments and were impressed with the results. Using the cultivator with a fully charged battery, we were able to work for an uninterrupted 15 minutes and tilled a 2-by-20-foot area of the field into a ready-to-go garden bed.

If you’re looking for a tool that is easier to use and requires a little energy, you should consider the best gas string trimmer. Such power devices are suitable if you don’t have a large yard or you need an affordable and compact product. The top-rated gas string trimmers have powerful engines that serve for a long time. Some other characteristics are required for the perfect run.

Other features include a straight shaft with a 1.4 transmission gear ratio, a stop switch that automatically resets to its earlier. On position, and easy start system to make this the best overall gas weed eater on this list. After use, clean the string trimmer with a cloth and dish soap to avoid a clogged machine. Remove and clean air and fuel filters as well as the spark plug.

Only by the whirling grace of a string trimmer—slicing down the tall grass around the mailbox, front steps, fences, and flower beds—does a property look truly polished. We’ve tested string trimmers on weedy lots and steep hills, and we once flattened 12,598 square feet of an overgrown field. The Ego ST1511T Power+ String Trimmer with Powerload is the best of these tools .

The Ego’s power is as impressive as its run time, and none of the other trimmers we tested could match its sheer cutting strength. While trimming in the field or on the Los Angeles hillside, we never had to stop, hesitate, or even slow down when using the Ego. Other trimmers bound best rated gas weed eater themselves up in the tall grass or pushed the grass over rather than cutting it. On thick Japanese knotweed, the Ego blazed right through 1-inch-thick stalks like they weren’t even there. Other trimmers either took much longer to do this or couldn’t make the cut at all.

Thus, we neither endorse you in any way to buy specific products in our reviews, nor making you act like it’s written in our guides. We are reserving the rights for you to make your personal decision. BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. BestReviews and its newspaper partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. A. No, but it’s important to follow manufacturer’s instructions to maximize performance and working life. With four-cycle motors you need to keep an eye on the oil level and top up as necessary.

However, gas powered weed eaters have evolved a long way over the past decade when it comes to low emissions. They don’t leave as big a carbon foot print as they used to back around the turn of the century. When it comes to pure power, there is still nothing that can really compare to a gas powered weed eater. Most lawn care professionals prefer gas powered for their jobs due to the sheer power and performance that you get in a convenient package. At just 13 pounds, this gas string trimmer is a lightweight option, mostly due to the small two-cycle engine. This means users shouldn’t tire themselves out as quickly while they work.

Best Gas String Trimmer Reviews To Check

One problem most people have with 2-stroke engines is that you always have to mix oil into the gasoline and the engine also needs more maintenance than a 4-stroke engine. With this top-rated gas weed eater, the Husqvarna 324L, all those problems are over. The right gas weed eater makes life in the garden so much easier and the wrong choice makes it a big frustration. Bent shaft trimmers are easier to use and are lighter than most straight shaft models. Electric options get rid of dealing with fuel, and they can also be lighter.

Don’t worry too much about which name to use — they’re all the same thing. Also like our other top picks, the PR28SD can convert to an edger, cultivator, brush cutter, and other power tools with extra attachments. Electric and battery-powered products both use electricity to run.

Then, inspect the unit’s head and remove the retaining ring. This, in turn, allows that weed eater to be used in tougher trimming jobs as well as in the service of cutting out under brush. Some models with advertise their attachment capability, which usually speaks to that gas weed eater’s ability to use a solid cutting blade rather than a line whip alone. Generally speaking, a 4-cycle motor is more desirable simply because it is more powerful and more fuel efficient. However, 2-cycle engines are more common and are typically included in affordable-priced units.

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This is a great gas weed wacker specially designed to cut grass, weeds, and other obstacles in your garden with incredible ease. This weed eater has a balanced design which means it can be used comfortably for long periods without the risk of hand fatigue. Its curved shaft helps with control and stability and will ensure you have a direct view of the cutting line at all times.

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