Tutorial 2: Let's communicate!


Your Arduino Uno board is connected to an USB/Uart emulator, allowing your computer to discuss with it through USB.

Our first goal will be to write some code able to communicate through this port.

You can use cu with command line, or PuTTy to open the port and communicate.

ADXL345 Module

You will be provided a chip named ADXL345. for practical reasons, it is already soldered on a board (we call this breakout) named GY-291:

Have a look at the chip specification What communication bus is used?

Try answering following questions:

  • What is the address of the chip?
  • What is it measuring?
  • Find some application example
  • How are measures represented numerically?

Choose proper pins and plug the module to your Arduino Uno.

Implement proper bus in your code. With the help of microcontroller's and module's documentation, implement communication to retrieve the sampled values.


Display those values through UART bus

From those information, compute the pitch and the roll currently experienced by the sensor.