Tutorial 3: Interrupts and ring buffer

UART and interrupt

Setup an interruption triggered when some byte is received or when buffer is available to transmit to avoid the need of polling.

The interrupt indicating that the buffer is ready to transmit will be always triggered if you don't send anything; you might want to enable it only when you have something to send, and disable it after.

Ring buffer

Setup a ring buffer allowing you to store data to send and received data.

Here is an example of the methods you can have to use your UART port:

// Sends data (store them in the ring buffer)
void usart_send_byte(uint8_t byte);
void usart_send_string(uint8_t *str);
// Returns the number of available bytes in receive ring buffer
size_t usart_available();
// Reads one byte from the ring buffer
uint8_t usart_read();